Mickey Diamond – Gambino Gold

Mickey Diamond Gambino Gold

Mickey Diamond – Gambino Gold Lyrics

Artist: Mickey Diamond
Song: Gambino Gold

High-Speed Umbrella, n#gg#
These are experiments and scientific labortories and each experiment (It’s The Umbrella, b#tch
We rock 997 New Balances and swing sword like 〈.?.〉, ’cause life is all about checks and balances
Silly #ss n#gg# tryna challenge him, pulled out the stick, whole room did the mannequin

Big sh#t, lift you in the air like a shavalon, grabbin’ all the cash out the cabinet
Stash by the plane sight, competion live, make the game hypе, my Daim Light, n#gg# you ain’t right, but you ain’t nice, the rice, P Loft, Lo Mеin dimein’
Say my name twice, shinin’ like the Star Of David
Jewish n#gg#s killed Christ and got payed, they all famous

Stargazing, my n#gg#s locked up behind bars and cages, pump gauges, engaging war (Brr)
Son dangerous, my homeboy made the three press front pages
Major Plotholes get filled with dirt, drill squirt Sergeant general
My seeds need fresh fruits and minnerals, priest Dior, third born son complets it all, cypher done now

Ya’ll rap-n#gg#s recycelin’ beats, I put my hand apon a Bible and preach with gold teeth, Tommy Hil’ sneaks
Got the 85 Bonnieville creek, ACG boots, climbin’ hill when it’s real steep
Artic challenge, low sport Turtleneck from ’93
Kool G for the verse, if it gotta be, it gotta be, for the proper fee I get you proper seats, What?

Comproperty occurs well, futureist tokes, who get served well (Aha)
With describing new lenses the better deserve hell
Working nerve cells to fill pain, still Reign Supreme over everyone, it’s a arms race (Brra) when you get yo guns, n#gg#
I ain’t missin’ one detail, this is sailor man thoughts of retail, so prepare the 〈.?.〉 sale, learn from each fail

Never seen jail, need a bail to real in my freedom on track, please save us three tails (Three tails)
n#gg#s rob what you keep on your scale and then they tell me to jaw reactin’ like females
Not displayin’ the plots, I’m still private, there’s a lot that I’m not singing
Have my intelligence work like a Mossad agent

Top placement caught engaging in the art of combat, I never stop paintin’ (Woo)
High as Parisians for the low place, define gravity, changin’ my whole state, slow patiently, with no trace
Cold face my demons with a cold gaze (That’s right)
Roll with the type of brothers that money go face, no case worth the tegrity

If it ain’t real then I let it be, on my Paid In Full, peace to Eric B
High-speed Umbrella n#gg#

What up?
It’s The Umbrella, b#tch
Any vibration, even the smallest creates waves in the air
But to become the sensation of sound, these waves must be picked up by an ear and they must be processed by an living brain
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Mickey Diamond Lyrics – Gambino Gold

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Release Year: 2021