Mickey Diamond – Honorable Mentions

Mickey Diamond Honorable Mentions

Mickey Diamond – Honorable Mentions Lyrics

Artist: Mickey Diamond
Song: Honorable Mentions

I guess it is what it is (oh!)
Ya! i– i– i guess it is what– i guess it is what it is (oh, straight up and down)
I– i guess it is what it is (stuck, jewerly rap productions)
Daddy want it poppin’ in the moment

Don’t get popped any moment
The top’s a bonus
The god a pop a noodle top, rameno
Started for lopen—i’m so married to the streets

Addidas cango fur
Plead my g, we haven’t heard the peep in weeks (where you been at?)
If money talks than keep it brief, i’m charlie sheen—a sex fiend (damn)
Who’s your next best thing?

My queen the next thing, woah!
A lot of politics in rap, she’s on the left wing (left wing)
It’s in the end of jess tree
Clеan the a turbulence (but nah, shout out, for rеal)

Money goes down, we’re never censor enteric nervous (not all all!)
I’m doctor save-me-the-opulence, g you purposeless
Shorty lightin’ candles like tonic, uh
Might fly to 〈.?.〉, the greatest is still demonic-a (ah, nah, it’s still me)

Might see me out of town lockin’ the chocolate brown
We not on common ground, let your chinatown play all around (yeah 〈.?.〉)
n#gg#s want my pens, i’m not a talent scout, that’s without a doubt (woo!)
I don’t need you to hit my line, she say’d it’s a–

Oh, nah-nah-nah-nah, you went crazy, for real (nah, i did)
I guess it is what it is
I– i guess it is what it is (woo!)

I guess it is– diamond
Ayo, my wordplay hattori hanzo; i’m ninja gaiden
Right in, how you boostin’ with the blade, flip page and

Practice my art while i 〈.?.〉 the 〈.?.〉 burnin’
I skip the grade, these n#gg#s ain’t learnin’
Wage, earn it
Power bomb we trough the top while the cage burnin’

Act your age and not your shoe size
I move schwarzenegger in true lies; keep your shoes tied
We in the death race and when the two rise it’s on your 〈.?.〉
I have your sh#t sittin’ outside like will ferrell and let go (oh!)

My sh#t is sure without the gecko
I’m aimin’ for thatblue check though
These instagramers terrified to get me verified; i sabotage
The rizz get paralysed; sweet caroline, poker face with a pair of 〈.?.〉

You got your own style, don’t stare at mine
The light glare of the chain; it’ll leave you confused
I’m like a pair of dime—i’m to aware, always prepared; was never scared of crime
I swing the sword, 〈.?.〉 now he can’t wear the crown

I tear the town and 〈.?.〉 ‘fore i settle down
I get around 〈.?.〉 let ’em drown; who got the better sound?
I leave rappers lost; where they never found
Down the beheaded clown

Japanese, bust sauce—spin your head around (diamonds)
I guess it is what it is (jewelry rap productions)
I guess it is what it is (it’s the umbrella, b#tch)
I guess it is what it is

I guess it is what it is
I– i– i guess it is what it is
I– i– i guess it is what it–
I guess it is what it is
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Mickey Diamond Lyrics – Honorable Mentions

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Release Year: 2022