Mickey Diamond – Keep The Lights On

Mickey Diamond Keep The Lights On

Mickey Diamond – Keep The Lights On Lyrics

Artist: Mickey Diamond
Song: Keep The Lights On

I want you to get this f#ck boy, he breathes, i want you to find his stancy 〈.?.〉
I want him dead, i want his family dead
And it goes a little somethin’ like this, it goes a one, two, three
Um–, um-brella, tell me who tha f#ck do it better, (who?) tommy hil’ sweaters when it’s johnny gill weather, let the rain pour, ’cause tsunami waves when i brainstorm

Versace frames, writin’ flame while the game on, pierre cardin
I beg your pardon, no cheddar for lames
Jackson pollock paints splatter your brain (brr)
Need i say more, shut sh#t down like govеrnment layoffs

Hustle ’cause i now thе payoff
1 9, now we ’bout to go to the playoffs, no days off, me and sos was getting yay off, the n#gg# with the bag made of like bernie madoff (uh)
We was just runners, ain’t no tellin’ what he made of it
I was outside like “f#ck the neighbours, police, jackboys” that was our plate, nobody ate of it

Vampires came and got nuthin’, but a steak of it (off, gagh, smoke it)
That’s irony at it’s finest (yeah)
Brodum caught jugs, now give me a a-, even tho the whole time i’m giving you straight diamonds (yo)
Movin’ weight, cleanin’ my plate, but i been losin’ weight (uh)

Luchador, flip it and bounce like i’m a cruiserweight (yeah)
Seen feens puff on a steam till they hallucinate (smoke)
Kill n#gg#s, my knife workin’, how the ruger taste? (bow!)
I post up in ya buildin’ and have a uber wait

Jack frost cold with the hustle, how i do the flake (too cold)
Gymstar, revlon, how i do the face
Watch how i’m movin’, impressin’ because my future great (great)
f#ckin’ b#tches when i want, you try to scoop a date, i bag a b#tch and have her sellin’ p#ss# out the super 8

Pour liquor for my n#gg#s under black tops, straw time to bag drops, spooky under back blocks
I’m just tryna get more money than what my dad got (yeah)
Stay cool, the block on fire, so get your pen hot (yeah)
Cut n#gg#s off for nuthin’, don’t get your hand chopped

1 9, i been dirty from out the sandbox, pro
Look, i said i’ma hit ’em with facts, got luxus, buyin’ my records, but instead i’m hustlein’ crack
Tryna leave the streets alone, they just keep on calling me back
Really caught up in a cycle, that’s why they call it a trap (i seen it)

I got scars on my heart, them wounds closed, but they still hurt
Drown the sour out with the henny, wake up and feel worse
24/7 i’m on it, this sh#t is real work
‘fore you call the shots you gotta learn to play the field first

1 9, two times, dummy, you know the dealin’ yo (1 9)
Love rap since i heard busta on scenario
Still be on the strip, bustin’ flips like a varial
Dirty #ss gun with a beam and no cereal

My own momma died, “i make it of this back blocks”
’97 hollow with the aftermarket stash spot (right away)
When they mention me, they’ll say i did for the have-nots, all i started with a mac, i ain’t talkin’ laptops
I want his house burned to the ground, i want to 〈.?.〉
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Mickey Diamond Lyrics – Keep The Lights On

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Release Year: 2021