Gachiboy – Nola

Gachiboy Nola

Gachiboy – Nola Lyrics

Artist: Gachiboy
Song: Nola

Hadda disappear just like Mewtwo
I seen your little shawty get ran thru
I’m blowing big woods smoking bamboo
I like my p#ss# bald like she Caillou

Mardi Gras party down in NOLA
f#cked a couple b#tches in the bayou
Pop myself a bean and now I’m rolling
I’m a tell some lies to get inside you

Spiky haired dyke fight like Goku
Spent your man’s rent on some nobu
Know u hit kohl’s for some new shoes
My Caribbean b#tch is on some voodoo
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Gachiboy Lyrics – Nola

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Release Year: 2022