Gachiboy – Egg Cleanse

Gachiboy Egg Cleanse

Gachiboy – Egg Cleanse Lyrics

Artist: Gachiboy
Song: Egg Cleanse

Everybody chasing a check
Who gone get to it first?
I’m cleansing my aura with egg
I’m removing the curse

She give me the p#ss# or head
When I take off my drawers
Your b#tch doesn’t like when she f#cks you
She says it’s a chore

I know how stack up the rackies
I’ve never been poor
My b#tch known to play with some Tris, So I let her pour
s#men all over her face and it’s clogging her pores

GLE start with a button, It’s making noise
Test me, I pull out my swammy
I’m playing with toys
Say that they’re banning abortion

They’re taking your choice
Keisha be drinking on Jack, She drinking on Boyce
I’m in the Cullinan, licking her cl#t#r#s
Dirty #ssh#l#, the bitterest
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Gachiboy Lyrics – Egg Cleanse

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Release Year: 2022