Gachiboy – Carrageenan

Gachiboy Carrageenan

Gachiboy – Carrageenan Lyrics

Artist: Gachiboy
Song: Carrageenan

At the top of the Edition
Starboi got the smitthin’
Now we’re leavin’ on a mission
On a p#ss# expedition

Stackin’ up the paper like we work at Dunder Miflin
Hands out on the cabinets, got her screamin’ in the kitchen
She bleeding on my fabric, b#tch is f#cking up my linen
I’m pounding down her p#ss#, beat the cat into submission

Leave her on the mattress with a mouthful of my children
If this b#tch try to have my kid, I swear to God I’ll ditch em
My p#n#s looking rabid when this b#tch is in Boutine
My flows are causing cancer, this sh#t just like carrageenan

My Jamaican b#tch know voodoo, always carrying a bean
When I hit the top, just know I’m finna (Finna)
Bring my team
I’m selling horse and Charlie, no I didn’t need the sheen

Collard greens
Pop a bean
f#ck a teen

I’m a fiend
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Gachiboy Lyrics – Carrageenan

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Release Year: 2022