Foster the Prankster – Further

Foster the Prankster Further

Foster the Prankster – Further Lyrics

Artist: Foster the Prankster
Song: Further

Time don’t stop along the train tracks/
Get lost but always know the way back/
It’s a big world/Play in it before you leave it/
Don’t sleep through the ride/

You wanna see this/
Nothing lasts but/Boy, was this one a blast/
Missin’ answers to questions/We ain’t know enough to ask/
Like switchin’ places in time/Picture the frame of mind/

Visions in space collide/With a shift in nature’s design/
In this game of life/Takin’ a risk, shakin’ the dice/
Sometimes a simple twist of/Fate can decide/
Synchronicity startin to/Link the mystery/

The universe is one voice/But it sings a symphony/
Wondеr who the conductor/Whenevеr the truth discovered/
If human understanding add/Up when you do the numbers/
Love your life before you/Wish you did when you was younger/

Like catchin’ lightning in a bottle/’fore you lose your thunder/
Might get a little loud/Until we find some middle ground/
Your energy’s a signal how/It all ripples out/
But here’s the riddle now/

If it’s all an illusion/How can we ever really know/
What it meant to be human?/
How much further can we go now/
There’s way too many of us to hold down/

Play the game the only way you know how/
But how much further can we go now/
Oldest mistake to under/estimate the threat of evil/

I’m getting to the point but/First I gotta thread the needle/
Never see you as less than equal/But check your ego/
Spent the last couple years/Losing respect for people/
No hard feelings but it’s/Time to start healing/

Let the chips fall when you/Know how the cards dealing/
…How do I say all I need to/Before I leave you?/
My stroke of genius moment/Where I seek atonement/
For everything that I said as a/Child I didn’t mean to/

Now I choose to speak through/The speaker to reach you/
Nobody else get it but we do/
Guess you just had to be there/Don’t be scared but beware/
Life is a lot of things/But I promise it won’t be fair/

Whether you stuck and confused/Or suffered abuse/
Now what you gonna do?/
Sometimes where we think it ends/Where the new beginning is/
I’d say this where we finish/But for now we’ll put the pin in it/

We are actually 4th dimensional beings
In a 3rd dimensional body
Inhabiting a 2nd dimensional world
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Foster the Prankster Lyrics – Further

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Release Year: 2023