Foster the Prankster – The Great American Novel

Foster the Prankster The Great American Novel

Foster the Prankster – The Great American Novel Lyrics

Artist: Foster the Prankster
Song: The Great American Novel

This might be my/great american novel/
I’m comin back in my prime/the kerouac of my time
Still tying up a few loose ends/i thought were true blue friends/
‘til i flew over the cuckoo’s nest/

Don’t deny, y’all pretended/like i lost my mind/
Got you lookin’ like you/dot your t’s and cross your i’s/
Now it’s undisputed/before it was just confusion/
The truth is up for review/and you claim i jump to conclusions?/

Wait for proof of the danger/i’d rather see it sooner than later/
I’m used to strangers/misunderstanding what’s human nature/
All i know is i’ve had it/with being gaslit/
By the average folks/who couldn’t fathom the half of it/

Surrounded by people/used to respecting orders/
I’m from a hood that/taught me check my corners/
‘fore you get extorted/so don’t expect decorum/
I’ll tell you how it is/right on the spot/

Whether you gon’ like it or not/
Can’t empathize with/impressionable minds/
We don’t conceptualize/time the same/
I done lived too many lives/

Plenty wise with the/cards i was dealt/
O.g’s said he rhyme/like he got knowledge of self/
Never bought into college/still a modern david foster wallace/
Pennin’ works provocative/like kurt vonnegut/

I had no other options/i turned documents to/
Hunter thompson/journals i must’ve jotted/
I’ve come full circle/to cover topics/
Removed from the utter gossip/

Reality got your stomach knotted/
Wait until they run your pockets/now who gonna stop it?/
In the land of the weak/home of the slaves/
Y’all dance to the beat but/never know what to say/

The hidden hand of the beast/the devil showing his face/
We had a chance to be free/now we ‘bout to throw it away/
Those are the stakes/nothing’s what you thought it was/
Never trust a prankster/

You either on the bus or you off the bus/
Where does the story end?/
Everything we left unsaid/
Songs stay stuck in my head/

Rewind, we right back to/
Where we begin/
Thought i heard your/voice in the wind/
Thought i might/see you again/

Before the words slip away/
Let’s turn the other page/
I set fire to the blueprint/
Consumed in this/empire of illusion/

A reminder why i do this/
Writin’ my manuscript/
While i’m dreamin’/penning my thesis/
They tend to question my reasons/

Have yet to mention my genius/
Leave it to the prestigious who/
Complete degrees in academia/
Or at least the ones/repeatin’ ‘em in media/

Institutions designed to/manage perception/
And damage your reputation/if ever you stand against it/
Manufactured consent is/the standard path of events/
Reality is whatever the/camera capture on lens/

Shadows on the wall of/the cave, in allegory/
I’m standing on the shoulders of/great thinkers before me/
Don’t place me in categories/with rappers, they rhyme sloppily/
Honestly, i should be a/phd in hood psychology /

See i lived it so i can/express it clearly/
They read it in universities/never testing the theory/
Tellin’ you how to float when they/never been off the boat/
How can you change a/system that benefitted you most?/

And so the beat goes on/who am i to complain?/
Left my mark on the music/won’t lose my mind to the game/
Every verse is a page and/every song is a chapter/
Put my book on the shelf/maybe when i’m gone it’ll matter/

Like salinger, this my/catcher in the rye/
I’m holden caulfield/guess i never been surprised/
Might say i’m cynical but my/skills of observation are critical/
Remaining analytical/of the blatant subliminals/

If you seein’ it too, then/i’m speaking to you/
Shine a beacon of truth/they don’t see in the news/
Or teach in the schools/where they treat us as fools/
Knowledge is an ocean/some never deepen the pool/

If i told the whole story/you probably wouldn’t believe it/
I’d write it in a book/but you’d probably never read it/
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Foster the Prankster Lyrics – The Great American Novel

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Release Year: 2023