Foster the Prankster – Merry Prankster

Foster the Prankster Merry Prankster

Foster the Prankster – Merry Prankster Lyrics

Artist: Foster the Prankster
Song: Merry Prankster

I think you only come through this movie once
And if you don’t get something
Rewarding out of every minute you’re sitting there
Then you’re…blowing your ticket

I know a place/Between here and the other side/
They said it’s not your time/Come back in another life/
The world’s gettin’ stranger/It’s in our very nature /
Until we meet again/Who wanna hitch a ride/

With a Merry Prankster/
Through the mind of a Merry Prankster/
Deja vu as I/Flashback to the presеnt/
And capture my adolescencе/

On wax, actin’ a menace/
In fractions of seconds flat/
You asked for the facts? Check it/
A master class in the question/

The last laugh is the lesson/
The rest is mostly showbiz/Pretend I’m only jokin’/
Blessed with the holy/Ghost in my pen/
So you know who wrote it/

If death a lonely ocean/Well I guess I hope we floatin’/
The moment is cinematic/But tragic as its unfolding/
Knowing the past is frozen/Behind the glass of a broken/
Fragment in time, where/Everything that happened in life/

And every person you met/Turns to a blur in the end/
‘Til you learn to accept/There’s a road further ahead/
Leave nothing but footprints/Take nothing but memories/
See ‘em all in my dreams/Can’t explain what it meant to me/

…and yet it’s all part of the recipe/Every piece of the story that/
Led me where I was meant to be/
What good is lifting your/Voice when you missin’ the point?/
Take opinions on your decisions/But you live with the choice/

Never finding harmony/When you listen to noise/
Follow your heart or the/Money, now you flippin’ a coin/
Soon as I finish this joint/Man I’m hangin’ it up/
It’s been a long strange/Trip, I can’t say it enough/

Gotta struggle to remind us/It’s humble to suffer/
All you can do is put/One foot in front of the other/
You on a path even/If you don’t know it/
Some lose they way and/Most of us won’t notice/

I’m just passing through/A character in your dream/
Reminding you that everything/Really ain’t what it seem/
Reality is splittin/And I’m somewhere in between/
I’d have to guess that some/Degree of madness is the key/

Somehow I became the/Link like Neal Cassady/
Once a prankster, always a/
Prankster if you askin’ me…/
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Foster the Prankster Lyrics – Merry Prankster

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Release Year: 2023