ActuallyTalik – Cleo’s Calligraphy

ActuallyTalik Cleo's Calligraphy

ActuallyTalik – Cleo’s Calligraphy Lyrics

Artist: ActuallyTalik
Song: Cleo’s Calligraphy

Man f#ck you
You such a f#cking hypocrite
Lying to yourself and the homies
And I know that you phony

And them acting skills is leaving you lonely
How you full of all that sh#t
Yet you always feel hungry
A starving artist

Working day and night for attention
Crazy how your life could change fast with a mention
You went and dropped EXALTED just praying for ascension
I see that hard work spent like a bad pension

And do you really think that all these n#gg#s care
You flexing on the gram wannabe millionaire
But we all know that you still pulling out your hair
Living your life in fear

Trying to get there
So you scared of failure
That’s hilarious
You failed the way here

You ain’t growing
You ain’t cancerous
And all of a sudden
Everyday you just feel benign

You mean to yourself
To everyone you’re too kind
Dumb f#ck
All your accomplishments

Was really just dumb luck
And all your sins about to hit like a dump truck
I’m sad for you
And mad at you

Everything you did wrong
Coming back times two
You got no clue
Stay stuck penitentiary

You wanna go and make history
I guess all those promises turned to mystery
Being drawn over like Cleo’s Calligraphy

Okay I’m ready for the punchline
There is no punch line
It’s not a joke
You’re serious aren’t you

And why should we believe you
I got nothing left to lose
Nothing can hurt me anymore
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ActuallyTalik Lyrics – Cleo’s Calligraphy

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Release Year: 2023