ActuallyTalik – You Died…

ActuallyTalik You Died...

ActuallyTalik – You Died… Lyrics

Artist: ActuallyTalik
Song: You Died…

Man they told me that you died
I sat and wondered why
I’m holding back my tears
And I cannot help but cry

Why the f#ck you had to…
Why the f#ck you had to…
Yo, I heard you dropped off the end
I been crying

I’m cutting
And I’m missing my friend
I ain’t
Lying or nothing

I was wondering when
I was pushed up on the ground
Getting blown by the wind
And I

Think back to when I was
Just a little kid again
Summer heat simmering
Winter nights, chilling em

With the puffy coat
Got the O.G fresh Timberlands
Them cold nights in New York
Called for Pendleton’s

I miss you dad
I know you know that it’s real
I don’t think you’ll ever know how your death made me feel
And up until a few months ago we had granddad still

Now y’all and uncle Kurt
Eating good at the grill
I wanna get into the barbecue
Just for you

I miss seeing you outside with the crew
Drinking Old English 40 with the sky light blue
Got the sunshine hitting on your fresh cut too
f#ck you

Why the f#ck you had to die
Why the f#ck you had to
We keeping it real for you player
Believe that
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ActuallyTalik Lyrics – You Died…

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Release Year: 2012