ActuallyTalik – Mindful Failure

ActuallyTalik Mindful Failure

ActuallyTalik – Mindful Failure Lyrics

Artist: ActuallyTalik
Song: Mindful Failure

I’ve done so many people wrong
Tryna convince myself that i’m indeed strong
But i need help
I never say it, i just keep it in my mind

And despite of being me
All the are words are hard to find
I’m blind to the answers
I got questions

But i’m too ignorant for progression
Sitting down wallowing deep in my depression
Mask my sadness
With this salad i’m addressing

I feel it’s invalid just like the time i’m investing
Just settle down
In my dreams
I’m always tearing at the seams

Feeling blue like my jeans
All this loathe i demean
I mean
What’s the rеal weight of an action

And i don’t think think i’m really gaining any traction
I mean i think i’m gеtting put against the ropes with a dead man
Walking got me choking
Got me gasping

Can you imagine
So many people in the world grieving
And i don’t even think i know if it’s worth leading
I ponder could i do better if i really tried

But every time that i fail
I can’t help but sit and cry
Im about to relish in this anguish
And in my heart i’m always feeling like a hostage

I’m in despair
I got the faith of a man
That’s looking down at a barrel
While he says his last prayer

Man this heart beyond repair
I shed a tear while i dream
A dream that’s too painful
I see the best dad alive

I feel thankful
But every time i awake
I’m all wet
Pillow soaked in tears

Underneath it’s all sweat
Cause i think back far
To a young adolescent
I was happy go lucky

All the time effervescent
But the past is the pass
Right now is a present
Dying atones

Dying alone a peasant
Crescent moon
If i don’t move
I’ll never be happy

Stuck cause i lost my granddad and my pappy
So now i’m grieving
Even when i’m sleeping
It’s like they’re still alive

It’s like they’re here still breathing
I can’t recognize the real me
And only few will stick here and try to feel me
Man i’m sitting in the shadows yet i still see

That this man ain’t enough so i ask please kill me
Oh, bury my mother, pale and slight
Bury my father with his eyes shut tight
Bury my sisters

Two by two
And then when you’re done
Let’s bury me too
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ActuallyTalik Lyrics – Mindful Failure

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Release Year: 2023