Urban D – Love Revolution

Urban D Love Revolution

Urban D – Love Revolution Lyrics

Artist: Urban D
Song: Love Revolution

VERSE 1: D-Maub
I got a question
Can anybody out there tell me what love is?
It’s an action done in privacy as well as public

For some folk it’s difficult, understanding the subject
Coz they let their pride overtake and hover above it
It’s an action, something you display
Love never fails and never changes from day to day

Love is always telling you to be careful about what you say
And leads you back in the right direction when you go astray
And can you give it even if it’s never given to you
And if you can that’s evidence that He’s living through you

It’s never hating, always optimistic
Speaking a heavenly language and not explicit
In love you will always find a security
Get you right, free you from all types of impurity

To the average, what it takes to love is odd
But see D-Maub know what love is, love is God
There’s no substitution for this thing called love
But Christ was our substitution when He shed His blood

And there’s a whole flood of description through the Scriptures
That defines agape so you won’t get it twisted
It’s listed, check Paul’s epistles
And in the gospels, Christ rocks the bells and whistles

It sizzles, like … straight off the grill
La Palabra de Dios always gives you a balanced meal
That’s seasoned with love like adobo
That’s why me and k-Drama and D-Maub take it global

Coz actions speak louder than vocals
I pray you see our actions clearer than bifocals
And breathe this love like you got no …
It’s crazy love like Francis Chan or

Coz it’s full of whites, blacks, yellow and cocoa
Can’t say nothing nice, …
VERSE 3: k-Drama
I sit back, and imagine the passion

If Christ acted out, what would be the reaction
Picture treating others how we wanna be treated
Stare sin in its face, praise God defeated
Heal flesh with kindness, bring sight to the blinded

Help them, … show em how to find it
In Christ, we’re made complete in Him
He designed us for His purpose limb by limb
Now they love themselves, smiling from bliss

Not with ulterior motives that come with a pitch
But overjoy and zealous that they made the switch
From darkness to light, climbed out the ditch
So if we love God and others, if we love ourselves

Our lives would be driven by the ..
The Bible, the Way, Truth, Life, the Solution
To what we desire, a love revolution
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Urban D Lyrics – Love Revolution

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Release Year: 2010