LIIT – Excited

LIIT Excited

LIIT – Excited Lyrics

Artist: LIIT
Song: Excited

One day ill be on top, i can feel it im about be
Stop smoking rasta tree, it smothered me
Next stop giving a f#ck, don’t let no one bother me
When i get there, imma keep going, no one stopping me

New years, monday, im sitting on recliner
Last night i ate with gramps, had to set a reminder
Took home takeout, didn’t eat in a diner
Tryna stay clean, just water no wine

Or beer or spirit, the fear just conceal it
Use it as a weapon, don’t let it crumble you
That’s the real test, allow it to humblе you
It’s life’s lemon so squeeze it for thе stressin

It’s the real, no messin
Clean it up if you spill
Try not to smoke or pop pills
I got the power, the will

Destiny tryna fulfill
It’s my time to reveal
I’m certain, it’s my time
To pull back the curtain, i’m tired of lurking

Vision is clearing from murky
No more boloney or turkey
No i am not go-ing vegan
Not hating but that’s for the heathens

If i did, what’s that make me then?
The score’s been odd for seasons
For too long i’ve been seething
One day ill be on top, i can feel it im about be

Stop smoking rasta tree, it smothered me
Next stop giving a f#ck, don’t let no one bother me
When i get there, imma keep going, no one stopping me
I grew up in a nice home with my family

I love my mom, but my dad i don’t think that he fathered me
He hurt my self esteem, he extinguished all the spark in me
I never felt so low like the whole world is on top of me
There was a time i thought i was destined for lobotomy

Then i came to florida to try and get back on my feet
I met alice, she my cup of tea, and she drawing me
Found my voice in rhymes, now im spilling out the bop in me
I start a song by writing in my notebook

I prefer to write my rhymes into a verse, no hook
Scary how i formulate a sentence, so shook
I move in every direction like a queen, no rook
I feel like my life has been robbed from me

My demons, they always gonna follow me
Humans, abuse the gold heart in me
They lie to me and somehow keep shocking me
Ill figure it out one day probably

One day ill own my own property
Ill do this sh#t right, do it properly
Ill shine like a penny, all coppery
Ill shine like a diamond, all carbony

Ill shine like an emerald, broccoli
Ill shine so bright it ain’t hard to see
I will fill your ears and your arteries
If you didn’t, now i think you heard of me

Breaking in this notebook, no burglary
I kill it with this pen, no murder scene
Slicing up the game no surgery
Slicing up the game no cutlery

Spitting real bars, no f#ckery
Rap is serving me, no butlery
Bars so smoother, so buttery
Spitting real smooth, no stuttering

Totally feel like another me
That was one breath if you wondering
Now im on top and you under me
Migos flow is easy you can’t unsee

Ill do this on a stage in my undies
I don’t want a grammy, get a dundee
How i stack a paper you could call me michael scott
I don’t want a psycho thot, i want me a better thing

A wedding ring, invitations with the fancy lettering
I wanna share hoodies with better chick
I came a long way from writing limericks
I try my best to be a good citizen

Good thing there’s no violent rhetoric
Im not cain im abel, im no killer
No pistol concealer, no hun like atilla, im not a villain
Im not high like a sky, im up like a ceiling in a ballroom

Good guy, millennium falcon
Wavy like volcom
Skating down a hill, i bomb it
Longboard no kick flips, no pop its

No self destructive spiral, i stop it
Catch me on spotify when i drop it
I drop it like a hot potato
Make a salad, like i want the mayo

Season with the ore-gano
Spice it with the buffalo
I wanna tour states in a winnebago
Wanna live a month in tokyo

Both of those won’t be home
Where do i go, cotton eye-joe
Only reason low confidence
Now im sh#tting no continence

Now im winning it’s dominance
One day worldwide 7 continents
Cuz what i just spit is just common sense
Pen to paper these documents

Is evidence of my consciousness
Turned believer from godlessness
Turned from hoe to monogamous
Turning kind from obnoxiousness

Staying clean with anonymous
Totally turning the opposite
I am unique no commonness
So many rhymes it’s bottomless

“damn i got to the end of the page and i had another…monotonous…im kidding i did that as a bit but i really got to the end of the page so i couldn’t write it so i thought id do it as a bit.”
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LIIT Lyrics – Excited

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Release Year: 2021