The official suckers – f#ck you halifax

The official suckers f#ck you halifax

The official suckers – f#ck you halifax Lyrics

Artist: The official suckers
Song: f#ck you halifax

I passed out in the fog with two blocks left to walk
A stranger woke me up, sleeping on a power box
My blood flowed slow until reaching my knuckles then froze
This wouldn’t be the first time I hid my hands embarrassed

Wearing my gloves indoors to cover up the band aids
You’ve been there too and always gotten through
We got each other drunk in the corner of a bas#ment
Nervously holding hands during the walk home

I said I love this place
But I wonder am I just too f#cking stubborn to recognize the aspects I hate?
But every time you only see what you don’t want
Instead of what you want and everyone around you only hates the same things you do

Not loves the same things
We’re resigned to define ourselves by all the sh#t we can’t take
I picked my scabs off in my sleep
And woke up scared from the worst dreams but you were there next to me

So I held on but not knowing where my arms go
Put one around you and one underneath the pillow
Now two weeks later checking my bed sheets for lice
I spill my beer on the mattress and pass out with the lights still on
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The official suckers Lyrics – f#ck you halifax

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Release Year: 2022