LB199X – Black Women is Sacred

LB199X Black Women is Sacred

LB199X – Black Women is Sacred Lyrics

Artist: LB199X
Song: Black Women is Sacred

Nubian Queen
Never let nobody play you or sh#t on your dreams
Reach for the stars
No man know pain nothing like y’all

Show em your flaws
Beauty’s all about perception show them who you are
Love from the soul
Never let no n#gg# tell you, you don’t love yourself

Black Women is sacred
They got to much flavor
They provide the culture
They go through some hatred

Yeah I know I was raised by one
Wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for moms
Truth be told I don’t love these hoes
But rеspect my women I was raised by onе

Can’t Nobody do what the Black Women do
Can’t Nobody do what the Black Women do
LA Lifestyle
With New York Denim

DC girls yeah I love my Women
Natural features and sense of power
Gift from GOD girl you been authentic
Wipe them tears girl you lived already

Express them sins girl you sinned already
Know your truth
You gotta speak your mind
f#ck the baggage cause that sh#t get heavy

Black Women love me the hardest
Devoted, loyal the smartest
And she hold me down through my hardships
While I’m paying for the sins of my father

I love the Black Women
I need a Black Women
I trust a Black Women
That’s facts

Girl I f#ck with you with long hair or tracks
Melanin love cause you got it like that
They say every Black Women is sacred
But they only love us all when we all living naked

Let us have a difference of opinion
f#ck with a n#gg# psych he can’t take it
Who in the f#ck will protect me
Who in the hell going respect me

When they killed Sandra bland
And only riot for a man
And Briana Taylor killer still run free
These muthaf#ckas ain’t authentic

Profit off our style with no heart in it
You hoes is just synthetic
Your baby hairs look pathetic
You could never see me

In my 4c even if your touch had shea butter in it
Karen don’t call me sis
Run me my coin and dip
Black Women deserve these chips

Black Women been gone from the get
Put some respect on my sh#t
Got our foot on your necks in this b#tch
Flex anytime we exists

Flex anytime we exists
Run a check every time we come through
Near none of y’all can do what a Black Women do
Couldn’t even walk a mile in these shoes

I’m just speaking my truth
Can’t Nobody do what the Black Women do
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LB199X Lyrics – Black Women is Sacred

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Release Year: 2023