The Hawkins – Between the Lines

The Hawkins Between the Lines

The Hawkins – Between the Lines Lyrics

Artist: The Hawkins
Song: Between the Lines

She got a passport and a promise of a brave new world
But some f#cker had predestined slavery for here
And oh oh oh
She did not know

They got her an apartment in this country of mine
Where freedom wasn’t thought of she got locked up from the outside
And then came five men and took her body
Took her down

And more and more came dropping by
And this is the story about how
She got torn apart in every town
Raped and abused by ordinary guys

They saw a product but never read between the lines
Because the gaps were filled with dirt
No one wanted to find
And you choose what to see

When you f#ck her from behind
And if my message is forwarded and received
And thoughtfully reflected and the base of what we want this world to be
Then it scares me to see

That it takes a blonde and blue eyed boy in a rock and roll scene
To explain the patriarchy
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The Hawkins Lyrics – Between the Lines

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Release Year: 2004