Tapir! – Swallow

Tapir! Swallow

Tapir! – Swallow Lyrics

Artist: Tapir!
Song: Swallow

He calls my name
The sacred hunter
It talks like that
It flows like water

The soul laid out
I see the nether
To turn back now
There’s no way

I listen for it
I see the fog
I see the forest
And I call it off

On my way home
I caught a swallow
With broken wings
And a face that’s narrow

Its heart still beats
And it calls me over
It talks me out
And it takes me over

It calls my name
And it says it backwards
Then he flies away
And leaves without words

Before this day
I spoke in rivers
Now I know my name
And it no longer hurts
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Tapir! Lyrics – Swallow

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Release Year: 2022