Ratboys – Folk Song For Jazz

Ratboys Folk Song For Jazz

Ratboys – Folk Song For Jazz Lyrics

Artist: Ratboys
Song: Folk Song For Jazz

Well, I got a note from an old folk
It was more like a dream, but I remember somebody spoke
I got down on one knee
And, my paternal grandfather said to me

‘You are one lucky son of my son’
I woke up sadder than I’d ever been
Because he didn’t say why, and I had never met him
I got down on one knee

All my blood and my skin comforted me
‘You are the best,’ they screamed in time
I walked downstairs to the chair made of flowers
Upon it, my dog was humbly laying fast asleep

I got down on one knee
And said, ‘If you ever feel the need
I will love you without condition.’
I laid down like an old folk

My blood and my skin settled into the daily swing
I got down on one knee
And then, Jazz came up and spoke softly to me
‘You are lucky, and you know why’
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Ratboys Lyrics – Folk Song For Jazz

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Release Year: 2015