Ponyphonic – The Sun Rises

Ponyphonic The Sun Rises

Ponyphonic – The Sun Rises Lyrics

Artist: Ponyphonic
Song: The Sun Rises

Now the hour has come at last
The sun’s about to rise
Above the East horizon
Bringing light into the skies

And what a lovely dawn it is
To stroll through the morning dew
To see warmer shades above the sunlight
Now imbued

So why is it that now
When all the songbird’s harmonies
When colors are so bright
And not a frightened creature cries

The ponies of Equestria
Should the warmth, evade
To shun the sun, and hide instead
Beneath the cool dark shade

Sol umbra contact! (The sun casts in the shadow!)
Am I so wrong, to wish that they, would from the light
Not turn?
And am I so wrong, to want the thanks that I did earn?

Why shouldn’t they admire me
As I always shine so bright!
Why can’t they just appreciate the life that grows
From light?

I’ve waited long enough now
For them to open up their eyes!
And now the land shall burn and suffer!
From bright and fiery skies!

And all will beg for mercy!
And the glory of the sun!
When all are blinded by the light
That I gifted to each one!

So hide away from this!
The final rising of the sun!
Morning is forever and it won’t be undone!
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Ponyphonic Lyrics – The Sun Rises

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Release Year: 2016