KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz – Take Time

KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz Take Time

KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz – Take Time Lyrics

Artist: KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz
Song: Take Time

They be needing reminder sometimes
Sometimes i think they don’t know, crook
It’s cool though
Your views are unwanted, you’re soon to be haunted

For every list you comprised without the two of us on it
Made the words on this thing sting like a beautiful hornet
Or 〈.?.〉 on the summer playing music in august
It’s the dynamic duo, no cape crusaders

Just bars layers and layers like space invaders
Too independently wealthy to partake in majors
That hemi engine is healthy, it would break the neighbors
If we wasn’t acres apart, if it’s late and it’s dark

Just spend the night, you gon get lost between a lake and a park
Plus, breakfast private chief sh#t, state of the art
Pancakes, steaks and eggs, have a bagel with lox
I know you fellows mad, i just got faa approval for a helipad

Off of pilot pens and like hella pads
My real estate portfolio ain’t bad
Try keep up with the jones is nah just trying to sell em pads
Lyrical rappers are broke and oldschool is dusty

That’s irrational, my grand national is chunky
The internet just gave voice to the flunkies
When time to defend that noise, them boys get uncomfy
Their laptops, lap of luxury

They’ll run laps around the office if i pop up on em suddenly
Whateva though that’s the industry business
Me & crook sowing them seeds, about to be in the tree business
At this point of my life, i’m only competing with guiness

Like i’m breaking my own record for the djs who didn’t, damn!
Feels good not tryna hold back nothing
Your boy came a long way like try hold back nutting
Don’t live in the past, thursday i don’t throw back nothing

Except sips of aged wine, while hear marvin gaye truly through the grapevine
A mid-verse break is fine, them type of lines take time
Like crows feet around the eyes, them lines take time
Hold up, my n#gg# buried ya’ll with that sh#t he was just talking

Let’s acknowledge that part first before we go any further
Okay? okay!
Like crows feet around the eyes, them lines take time
If they come from a lot of smiling, i wanna raise mine when they land

Even when both of my palms are wrinkled, then i got a lot time on my hands
I’ll still be the man (ugh)
Riding in a lamb (ugh)
The most important words are those that follow “i am”

I am healthy, i am wealthy
Nobody helped me with the odds the cards dealt me, but god
God damn, since energy never dies, how can i let a coffin win?
Still thinking outside the box when they boxed me in

I ain’t out here bill cosbyin’
You new n#gg#s can’t breath without a pill, this the oxy-gen
I used to think it was better to hit a n#gg# with hollow-tip
Got it together, now i rather hit a n#gg# with a scholarship

I ain’t got no problem with you ops, that’s out popping sh#t
Pull up with your pride in your stomach after you swallow it
Acknowledge it, i don’t get pressed by the fraudulent
I just get pressed when i’m dropping sh#t, i’ll admit

Yes this is opulence, stress i be blocking it
Like a shot when it hit a chest with a vest on top of it
Dominik is the best, got you rearranging your playlist
I barely hear a-list rappers display this alien language

So i’m the greatest to paint pics since that paleont cave sh#t
Getting paid cause it makes sense
Getting paid cause it makes sense
Getting paid cause it makes sense
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KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz Lyrics – Take Time

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Release Year: 2022