Pelegrin – Majoun

Pelegrin Majoun

Pelegrin – Majoun Lyrics

Artist: Pelegrin
Song: Majoun

Now my war is over
Alas, they set me free
In the eye of the fountain
I see the reflection of a scar

Don’t be afraid
Cause I hold, in my hand
The revelation of your life
Would you rob me of my days

Would you tear me out your way
As you stand in the Eden
Will you eat from my tree ?
Think about the lives

We waste in ire
I wanna leave the shackles behind
All the time we spend in the dark
All the time we spend

And never see what lies
Some men may never try
But I want you to grow wise

Beyond, the town, a throne, lies
Dare to take, what you want
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Pelegrin Lyrics – Majoun

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Release Year: 2019