Pelegrin – Madrassa

Pelegrin Madrassa

Pelegrin – Madrassa Lyrics

Artist: Pelegrin
Song: Madrassa

As as the night star shines upon us all
And as the shepherd star shines upon us all
My heart flees the madrasa, and feels new
You keep learning, you keep praying, boy

Your wisdom will be coming
And yet the bliss is here on Earth
I can see God in the setting sun
The sacred lines

Cannot be found
You ride and hide
With the first light
Expand / Expand your mind

Explore / The other side
Expand / Expand your mind
Lay low / You can’t be found
They’re comin’ with the tide

(Let go) You will risk all
(Let go) Protect and rise
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Pelegrin Lyrics – Madrassa

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Release Year: 2023