No Trend – The Curse

No Trend The Curse

No Trend – The Curse Lyrics

Artist: No Trend
Song: The Curse

You wonder about love
Is there something stronger?
We’d both kill for the same things
You own it now, it’s my hate

Your beauty put this curse on me
It’s called love, but it’s not love at all
I know now that I don’t have you for long

You don’t have me at all
It’s the disappointments of positive thinking
All I really wanted was the impossible
Never is never enough

Not enough is just too much to ask
We’re just a thin line between now and never
And I may have you for less than that
Nobody, nobody stick around for that long

Not me
But I look at it differently now
And I couldn’t care less
Time dies when you’ve having none

I don’t want you around anymore
Your face is more pain than it’s worth
Get your hands off my knee
Nothing is better than half of something

Take your fingers away from me
Forever isn’t nearly long enough
But until I die is way too long
You’re an angel in thought

I’m nothing at all, nothing
But a demon at heart
I must have kissed you a hundred times
By the hundredth time your interest was no more

A million years ago
I could almost remember the taste
Of you in my mouth, sliding
I couldn’t satisfy you even if I died

But I look at it differently now
And I couldn’t care less
I don’t want you around anymore
We were f#cking in the glow

In some 50’s rerun-
But when I’m alone it’s worse
Look in black & white
Just you and me for never
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No Trend Lyrics – The Curse

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