No Trend – Punker

No Trend Punker

No Trend – Punker Lyrics

Artist: No Trend
Song: Punker

I saw punk rock on TV
I heard it on the radio
It’s so cool now I know
Lets punk out and go to a show

We can wear leopard skin clothes
I can wear a skinny tie and new age shades
You can wear a mini skirt and frizz out your hair

Don’t you all like Devo?
Don’t you all like the Go-Go’s?
Don’t you all do the pogo? Huh?
Don’t you all have purple hair?

Don’t you all have mohawks?
Don’t you all dress like Devo?
Don’t you all do the pogo?
Hardcore punk is now the new scene

Get a crew cut and you’re “extreme”
We can wear boots and spiked bracelets
We can even pretend that we’re radical
I’m part of the punk rock movement

I style my hair on weekends so it looks extreme
But I don’t offend anybody on the weekdays
Now can I be cool?
Aren’t you all up and ready

Aren’t you all hip and trendy
Aren’t you all punk rockers
Aren’t you all cool?
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No Trend Lyrics – Punker

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