166y – W.T.F

166y W.T.F

166y – W.T.F Lyrics

Artist: 166y
Song: W.T.F

We were like “what the f#ck is going on?”
Everybody’s like, honking their horns
All the starbucks employees run out screamin’ out
And i’m like, dude, this dude is like f#cked

And like, for all i know he’s probably dead
But i don’t know, i
I don’t really remember what happened after that, we had to get outta there
But um-

*aye, aye*
Swervin’ through the city
Brought hella henny with me

Got mary jane and whitney
And liquor straight from sydney
Shit, i might need a kidney
But money ain’t no biggie

Until it’s out to get me
Just killin’ sh#t with 16, (baow!)
I try to keep it simply
I try to put it gently

Never see the cup half empty
Tryna ride around in that bentley
We be poppin’ off incidentally
Tryna have a good time, don’t tempt me

Came a long way from elementary
Tryna boss up in my twenties
They been tryna peep our moves like every f#ckin’ day
But i’m the coach, you can’t get rid of me, you know i call the play

I just need a b#tch to suck me up while watchin’ anime
Now every hoe with a cat be throwin’ it back, bro don’t ever get led astray
It’s e.j.m and i’m freebasin’ at 3am, with three j’s in
That’s how your b#tch and i became friends, so i guess you could say she’ll be taken

Changin’ myself like i remade sims, but i really wanna see how the real game ends
Spent life really tryna make amends, but i realized i don’t really need fake friends
I’m up late pacin’ back and forth, wonder what i lost a passion for
No matter how much you give back, everyone ’bout to ask for more

Couple more knocks and i’m at your door
Sound like your body gon’ smack the floor
Talkin’ but never come back for war
0 to 1 now, is that the score?

Talkin’ but ain’t bout that action, meanwhile i just been makin’ it happen
Nobody waiting to see my reaction, ‘cuz everyone watching the ones that been cappin’, yuh
Lyin’ about their fake streams, sounds like they’re chasing a fake dream
Give a platform to someone who’s 18, watch ’em spend all their money on fake ‘preme, what the f#ck?

16 comin in, 16
Iridescence did so much more for me than saturation ever did
And that’s my accolade to play wit’ when i go and back it big
Talkin’ to charlemagne, experience talk shows in the flesh, uh

Could bring more pressure than a motherf#ckin’ history test
But they’re onto me, i’m outed as a f#ckin’ anomaly

And this’ll be, debutin’ bright lyrics over fickle beats

I’m hissin’ please, dirty click, no sound like mx browns, please
All i want is some security, but f#ck
If it ain’t there, then i’m makin’ my own military
Consistin’ of only a single member, yeah his name is me

I don’t draw blanks, i draw bullets from printed m16’s
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166y Lyrics – W.T.F

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Release Year: 2023