Nebular Moon – Beyond The Sky

Nebular Moon Beyond The Sky

Nebular Moon – Beyond The Sky Lyrics

Artist: Nebular Moon
Song: Beyond The Sky

When I walked through the gates of oblivion
Screams of the forgotten died in my ears
And the voice of silence started to cry
Welcome the great emptiness – beyond the sky

Hands of despair seized my heart
When I fell into the eternal darkness
The corridors of timelessness
Squeezed my conciousness – beyond the sky

I passed the door of no rеturn
And the wind whispered a rеquiem
In empty throne covered by frost
In the castle of sadness – beyond the sky

And when I ascended the ancient throne
I felt everlasting emptiness
And as my brain starts rotting
I saw eternity – far beyond the sky
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Nebular Moon Lyrics – Beyond The Sky

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Release Year: 2013