Nebular Moon – An Erotic Nightmare

Nebular Moon An Erotic Nightmare

Nebular Moon – An Erotic Nightmare Lyrics

Artist: Nebular Moon
Song: An Erotic Nightmare

The moon has risen, a symbol of Eden
The stars are sparkling in the sky
Her dark eyes wrap up my mind
This indian girl is a symbol of love

Well-rounded breasts
And her red lips
I desire her body, which is fine like a lotus bloom
It seems to be that she poisons my feelings

Love under will – is the only law!
The fair sex has me in its power
I feel her naked body in my arms
Her bloody lips kiss my neck

I feel the warmth of my sweet goddess
Feelings like flying in the sky
My heart pounds like a thunderstorm
Her skin is glowing like red-hot metal

The sensitive atmosphere spreads out
Sitting on the back of a lion
Lifting the holy grail into the height
Surounded by several snakes

The symbol of strength and lust
Awaking of this dream, she shows me her true nature
An old hag who poisoned my sense
Face her pale lips above my head

She is just a portrait of death!
Now I feel her cold numb body
I cover the corpse into its shroud
My desires were stronger than my senses

I lost the control of my mind
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Nebular Moon Lyrics – An Erotic Nightmare

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Release Year: 1999