Morwinyon – Indifference

Morwinyon Indifference

Morwinyon – Indifference Lyrics

Artist: Morwinyon
Song: Indifference

We are the creators of this devastation
Presumptuous and indifferent
Who gave us the power
To be able to eradicate lives from this world?

Indifference is what dwells in our souls
And it is the most dangerous thing
We neglect these lands that have given us an home
A place to live and thrive

We neglect these trees that have given us air
We are rеsponsible for the dried up rivеrs
For these parched lands
We cannot ignore what is happening

We cannot turn our backs
On the ice that is being consumed more every day
On the dwindling forests
Nature sends us signals, but we are not getting it at all
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Morwinyon Lyrics – Indifference

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Release Year: 2023