Darius Rucker – Southern Style

Darius Rucker Southern Style

Darius Rucker – Southern Style Lyrics

Artist: Darius Rucker
Song: Southern Style

Sun kissed hair and not much makeup
High-heeled boots that lace up
Two first names that came from
Her grandmas on both sides

She ain’t ever read much Faulkner
But she could’ve been his daughter
She grew up on muddy water
Southern style

Southern style, free and easy
Southern style, warm and breezy
If you met her, man believe me
You’d want her to stay a while

Says, she don’t believe in strangers
Only sinners with a savior
‘Cause her mom and daddy raised her
Southern style

She’s a Friday night light lover
A Billy Graham fan like her mother
Wants her daddy and both brothers
To walk her down the aisle

She likes oysters raw for dinner
Lil Wayne and Lynyrd Skynyrd
Keeps her tan lines in the winter
Southern style

Repeat Chorus
You can love her, you can hate her
But you’re never going to change her
If you want her then you’ll take her

Southern style
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Darius Rucker Lyrics – Southern Style

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Release Year: 2014