Lando Senju – Null void

Lando Senju Null void

Lando Senju – Null void Lyrics

Artist: Lando Senju
Song: Null void

Can’t believe this, man
Oh, it don’t even turn pink?
It don’t even turn pink
It don’t turn—

Still sipping out that cup, all this lean been f#cking me up, uh
She keep hitting me up, she just want me to get in her guts, mm
Broke my heart again, can’t have no trust for no sl#t, mm
Fumbled the bag again, can’t give my heart to a klutz, mm

Gave that hoe my everything, i guess i wasn’t enough, mm
Thought that shawty wasn’t leaving me, i shouldn’t have called her bluff, mm
I don’t even smoke that gas, bro passed me that blunt, i took me a puff
Did you even want my love?

Did you еven want my—?
Mm, aye, ain’t been talking to my friends likе that
Been on a drinking binge, that’s facts
I should’ve f#cked your friend, no cap

Imma put my whole heart in this track
I ain’t even mad, don’t want you back
I gotta get myself on track
I gotta focus on these racks

I gotta get right to that bag
Aye, heh
Riding round town with a carhardt bag
Watch my style cuz they want my swag

Stole my heart so she made me sad
Aye, love that b#tch but i hate her dad
She punched me, i didn’t mean to make her mad
Cheer her up when i break her back

Gave that hoe my everything i guess i wasn’t enough, heh
I tried to tell you i love you, guess i f#cked up, cuz i bit my tongue, heh
Beater vans on my feet, you in love with me, so i run run run, heh
Sipping on slow, she a newport hoe, i smoked so my lungs got punched

I might blow my brains, cobain
Shawty take my soul, no face
Bloody nose, cocaine
No pain, no gain

Coming down, migraine, aye
Hundred-ten, highway, aye
Fiji water, hydrate
Life’s a game, play it my way
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Lando Senju Lyrics – Null void

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Release Year: 2023