50 Cent – Who Shot Ya?

50 Cent Who Shot Ya?

50 Cent – Who Shot Ya? Lyrics

Artist: 50 Cent
Song: Who Shot Ya?

Yo, yo
Uh huh, yeah, uh, uh
Uh huh, what, what, yo
I breathe comfortable when i use the slow flow

f#ckin’ your ho on the floor of my condo
Go rough fo sho when i hear ?
Better run too n#gg#, police behind yo
Mix a lil hash cheesh in with the hydro

You ain’t got to tell me i’m hot, n#gg# i know
If it’s beef i’ma clap me a n#gg# and get low
I ain’t with doin’ the hit if it ain’t for no real dough
Give me the money first, i be back with the blow

sh#t ain’t pumpin’ out here man it’s movin’ mad slow
n#gg# you know you owe, you better give me my dough
Or get hit with six shells from the big fo fo
Look i’m destined to be successful, son i bless you

Catch you on a late night wit a trey-a special
Yo rough, roll the weed while i tell ’em what i need
I need cream by the stacks, shells for the mac
Rims for the ac’ and a b#tch to blow her back

I need the coke to come back, mad time on a jack
I got the fendi sweaters, all i need is the hats
I need the police to chill, stay the f#ck off my back
See a n#gg# in a benz, swear he peddlin’ crack

I need a stash box, dog, so i could stash the gat
I need a stadium light to leave ’em blind as a bat
Flippin’ from under my plate when i’m runnin’ from jake
I make no mistakes, son i need extra papes

My man up north, he need the new kid capri mixtape
I’m physically fit, nah for real, son i’m in shape
I need a bad spanish b#tch to take me out on a date
One time for your motherf#ckin’ mind

One time, uh, yo, yo
f#ck that son, i’ma get loose on this sh#t one time man
f#ck this sh#t, yo
n#gg# if you ain’t worth a mill, you ain’t far from broke

Got enough heart to sell weed but you scared of dope
I wouldn’t snitch on a n#gg# if the feds bribe me
Yo #ss ah hit more notes than ron isley
After 3 summers in the jail i thought life was hard

Some n#gg#s start fightin’, some n#gg#s found god
You know me, started sellin’ leak in the yard
Yo, i ran into n#gg#s who used to have hummers
Big as hell in the joint wearin’ ’86 numbers

Damm dog, you been in here that long?
You could think that, but say that and yo’ #ss is dead wrong
A convo is only three words, “yo what up”
You ain’t gotta work out to leave this b#tch cut up

Let a n#gg# find out you on some goin’ home sh#t
And you tryin’ to bounce without payin’ a loan sh#t
I watch n#gg#s beat cases on the strength of they cream
After witnesses disappear on the strength of they team

Yo, yo, yo ,yo, yo
Feel me on this sh#t
Yo, yo
I’m hard as hell to get along wit’

So it never fails, a n#gg# i got beef with end up in the same jail
He had a l rolled in bible paper, blowin’ the lye
I sent him a lil kite just to be blowin’ his high
And when i shot you in new york why would i box you now?

If i catch you goin’ to sick call i’ma ox you down
One reason i
Yo, yo

f#ck that sha, let that sh#t play, yo son
Let that sh#t play son, f#ck that
n#gg# i’ma ringer n#gg#
I’ma professional muh’
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50 Cent Lyrics – Who Shot Ya?

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Release Year: 2003

50 Cent-Who Shot Ya