KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz – Blue Magic

KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz Blue Magic

KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz – Blue Magic Lyrics

Artist: KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz
Song: Blue Magic

Nahmean, i was in county jail on a pay phone
I was on a pay phone with bet, closing a seven figure deal
Tiff had me on a three-way, you know
I say that to say this

My mind state is get it
By any dreams necessary, you feel me?
I swear to god, i put my rep on it
I give it you raw, never stepped on it

I give it to you free, whole hundred pack (blue)
Cuz i knew once you tasted it that you be coming back
It’s blue magic, what could f#ck with that?
Blue magic like a dodgers snap trucker hat

You dissing on the internet, what was that?
n#gg#s love to run their yap on a f#ckin app
We was moving white but now that’s what we be moving music like
People are assuming i’m booming soon as my 〈.?.〉

Listen to the music you’re doing, that sh#t is super light
Listen to the music we’re doing, that sh#t for pookie pipe
I remember paris nights with yaowa
Freestyling in front of the eifel tower

Haters watch the presidential watch
Call it the white eyes in hours
Got the cig ready to light the sour
When i snipe you cowards, soon as the weapon’s lifted up

You gon be needing professor griffith chuck to fight the power
Mafia sh#t this life of ours
Could bust on your wife, nah f#ck a bridal shower
I ain’t got plans to touch a man’s wife

Get a lil grey in your beard, you understand life
I’m aging like fine wine
And i’m tired of hearing your lies rhyme
We used to rock thermals

Running away from cops as we hopped hurdles
Now we drop in convertible tops rocking 〈.?.〉 turtles
I jot journals, ignoring the clock cuz i’m nocturnal
Some of my squad ain’t in the picture no more, crop circle

Respect my brother
Always pouring your heart and soul into this sh#t
When it’s real you can’t fake it

Can’t fake it man
I was going to wait to write this verse, i got a migraine
But i know god don’t make mistakes, so here go my pain
Md 20/20 blackberry cisco in night train

In ninth grade skipping my train stop
The hoogie i played with, was dangerous
We partied in them drug apartments
Turning up onyx, throwing guns in the air dancing on bloody carpets

No parents home they’re somewhere chasing that habit
Soon as they cope a feel or hit their vein it’s like magic
Every time i think of the sh#t i escaped i feel panic
If you ain’t from it you wouldn’t understand it

Like newyorkrican spanish
People vanish
My n#gg# was leaving jail and hurts to tell you
Soon as he touched down, one of them eagles landed

Years i survived inside a five block radius
Quick was my block alias
Before the maybachs
It was white rocks and nike socks in my block c#ck daily

In case a n#gg# duck fades for one of his hot top 〈.?.〉 as well
Let me reflect a moment
I remember staring in the projects mirror
Pretending that my neck had a necklace on it

Guess i was projecting i no longer see my neck
It’s like my chain got a hanging reflector on it with a projector on it
This is how 〈.?.〉 can be
This type of feeling’s ben simmons for three

It’s been missing my g
But i’ve been assisting my g from the west coast
Since we broke bread in front that eifel tower, french toast
I remember just trying getting the picture

Now lunch meetings make me six figure richer before getting to dinner
Just cuz the figures is bigger don’t mean the deal is the best dawg
Sometimes the runts are the pick of the litter
But we shittin, ya’ll picking the litter
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KXNG Crooked & Joell Ortiz Lyrics – Blue Magic

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Release Year: 2022