King Davie – Everything And Nothing

King Davie Everything And Nothing

King Davie – Everything And Nothing Lyrics

Artist: King Davie
Song: Everything And Nothing

Runnin’ through the days, it got me wonderin’
Could I be f#cked, or is it just my structurin’
I’ve been feeling like my days are numbered
And I’m tryna find the difference between everything and nothin’

Can’t put a finger on this thing that I’m becomin’
I want my heart to work, but I don’t think it’s really budgin’
But I know what I gotta do so I can turn it into somethin’
And I’m known for takin’ my time, but at this point, I’m really rushin’

Tired of loss, no matter the cost
I’m going after my cause, and I’m going at it with force
f#ck all of the negative thoughts, I’m strikin’ it right at the source
Got too many bridges to cross, and I already feel like a corpse

Already feel like a corpse
Evеry day I wake up feelin’ like I’m really dyin’
Got a hazеy eye, and sh#t, my brain, I can’t describe it
The pain inside my body, there’s no way to disguise it

But I can only blame myself, the self-destruction that I did
But no more interruptions, this eruption, it’s been pending
And once the cap blows, it’s never ending
I ain’t bluffin,’ don’t give a single f#ck about who judgin’

I’m just makin’ somethin’ out of everything and nothing
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King Davie Lyrics – Everything And Nothing

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Release Year: 2022