King Davie – Implicit Verity

King Davie Implicit Verity

King Davie – Implicit Verity Lyrics

Artist: King Davie
Song: Implicit Verity

Trippin’ through a different universe
Took the brakes off my mind to see how well it really work
Spend the day with me, you’ll feel laced up like some converse
But if you bringin’ negatives, don’t even bother

Said i stay on the pack, and it’s only gettin’ louder
Yeah, i keep droppin’ them verses, and they only gettin’ hotter
It be comin’ like some magic, feelin’ like i’m harry potter
And don’t nothin’ slow me down, do this till i’m a grandfather

Take a ride to outerspace
Then i come back home, hardly recognize my face
And i don’t give a f#ck about the pace
I can go wherever if i wanna have a place

If y’all don’t hear what i’m sayin, i guess y’all don’t got the taste
Simple-minded thoughts lead to simple-minded ways
I ain’t trippin’ ’bout it, i’m completely unfazed
You can take that sh#t elsewhere, i don’t got the time of day

I don’t got the time of day
Sittin’ ’round smokin’
Get up off your #ss if you want your mind to open
Yeah, i know it’s thought provokin’

But you gotta put in time to show ’em you ain’t really jokin’
That’s just the way that it be goin’
Ain’t ever no breaks, even if you damn near broken
But i’m still keepin’ it tokin’

Always floatin, hella potent, it’s one of my key components
Real smooth, got groove, even when i’m off the juice
You might dap me in the street, but i keep a tight group
Yet i’m never caught in sh#t, you know i’m always feelin’ loose

And i never look back, but i always keep my roots
Never stressin’
Only need to give my own impression
Music is my language, and these words will be a weapon

Not to threaten anyone who got a similar objective
I’m just tryna send a message, and i think that y’all should check it
And accept it
Cuz i’m only at the start, this ain’t my best yet

Climbin’ up the ladder, yeah my mind already set
Because it’s full speed ahead, i won’t sleep until i’m dead
Keep on doin’ what i’m doin, i ain’t worried ’bout the rest
I don’t gotta say it with my chest

Hate be bouncin’ off me like a bulletproof vest
Tackle anything that puts my mind to test
Whether it’s everything or nothing, nah, i’m never feelin’ pressed
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King Davie Lyrics – Implicit Verity

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Release Year: 2022