Kindbud – Awakening

Kindbud Awakening

Kindbud – Awakening Lyrics

Artist: Kindbud
Song: Awakening

Within crusted walls of embedded emotion
Bombarded by waves of perpetual commotion
Is a permanent me, determined to stand
Slough off adversity like layers of sand

Awakening, we’re awakening
Awakening, we’re awakening
Draw in the light from a far away source
Stand firm in love, follow your course

Reverberating in music, a most precious choir
Break through the dress, confusion and more
Awakening, we’re awakening
Awakening, we’re awakening

Emanate, vibrate, reverberate, resound
Inundated with such beauty, we unfurl and rebound
Showing others imprisoned, what awakening can be
Humbly resonating beautiful and free

Awakening, we’re awakening
Awakening, we’re awakening
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Kindbud Lyrics – Awakening

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Release Year: 2017