Shawn Lee – Bushy Haired Man

Shawn Lee Bushy Haired Man

Shawn Lee – Bushy Haired Man Lyrics

Artist: Shawn Lee
Song: Bushy Haired Man

This bushy haired man walked in with this tiger head, uh it was a mask I guess, in his hand
Chatting about the tiger mask and uh, he said it was a gift and it was made by this group of gypsies that made costumes for local performing art centers in the LA area
Look I fell in love with that mask, I’m not even gonna front man I can’t lie, and the moment I saw it I was just, you know, it just spoke to me
“You’ve gotta keep it forever, and put it on every full moon”, hahahahahaha

I just started dancin’ you know, and I was dancin’ around feet was movin’ like they never moved y’know what I’m saying
And y’know I’m not really a dancer man, but lemme tell ya this music got to me
My record label, well it’s not my record label but you know what I’m sayin’, I’m on it, and, and then they said that uh, we got this new artist that we saw named Clutchy Hopkins, and I thought to myself, “No f#cking way, CH? Clutchy Hopkins?”
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Shawn Lee Lyrics – Bushy Haired Man

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Release Year: 2021