Jordan Johnston – PASSION

Jordan Johnston PASSION

Jordan Johnston – PASSION Lyrics

Artist: Jordan Johnston

Yo, this has always been my passion
I’ve always written stuff
Most of its been pointless
Now i realized what real music is

And i know what i wanna be
And this is it
Now what you wanna be when you grow up?
Man i never answered that question

I doubt they will understand
What this has done for me
Music has changed my life more than anything else
It’s always been my passion

Yeah it’s always been my passion
(then you gotta work for it
Are you willing to give all your time up?

To find good transitions in beats
And write these lyrics)
Yeah i mean i have been doing it
I know these first few tracks won’t be too good

Aye, i don’t know if i evеr will get it
But does that make a diffеrence?
Ever since i was a
Young kid i dreamed of this

Lack of confidence
Lack of motivation
I got god on my side
So i know i can do whatever

I put my mind to
Ima put my mind in this
I don’t want the world
You can keep the money

You can keep the cars
And the big houses
I just wanna make a name of myself
And be remembered when i die

And let my fans see who i am
And i hope they won’t judge
Ive been alone all my life
Hopefully i can do this alone

But if i need help
And i reach out
What are they gonna think of me
Are they gonna take me serious

Aye now let me change it up a bit
What are you gonna do when they criticize and doubt and put you down?
I’m not worried about that i’m doing me your doing you

What are they even worried about either way?
Im trying to become a better me
And become something big
And get good at this stuff

And your sitting there criticizing that?
I have more problems to worry about
Hey, picture this
I finally get famous

And all the people who doubted me
Are bragging like
“hey i know that guy”
Naw, you know of that guy

Ima whole different man now
Looking down on alla you
What are you doing with your life now?

Aye and tell that one teacher
I finally did it
I’ll be there soon to show you, my biggest doubter
Oh, and tell my dad thank you for all the trauma you left me

I would be talking to myself
Trying to fight my thoughts
Oh y’all figure out soon
I forgot they ain’t heard that yet

Or if they will
This might be a mistake
Is this really a good passion that i chose?
Will i fulfill the shoes that i wanna be

Man, i got faith
That’s all you need
To be what you wanna be
Im done i’m done

Sorry for boring y’all
Oh and welcome to my journey
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Jordan Johnston Lyrics – PASSION

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Release Year: 2017