RIKO RDR – Did a lot

RIKO RDR Did a lot

RIKO RDR – Did a lot Lyrics

Artist: RIKO RDR
Song: Did a lot

Did a lot in in this life I can’t stop here
Been thru hell and came bakk this is my year
Put Visine in my eyes so I can see clear
My family my gang what I hold dear

Roadrunner my guys you can’t get near
Living fast do da dash I be switching gears
U got begged wrote a statement u jirred
Can’t forget bout dem days I was sippin beer

In dese streets gotta keep it a hunna
Got my bro he done sold a whole onion
You gave up your freedom for 10 bucks
Who’s your Og kuz Daym n#gg# you lost

And I’ve been reminiscing bout dem days
Smoking loud in da cloud with guyzz getting high
Dem brodie time goes fast
But bad timе dey never last

Keep stacking and stay on your grind
Dеse hoes b trifling so do pay no mind
My baby mama steady hating
Ion give a f#kk kuz I’m still getting bags

When I press this trigger
It’s a mazza
Ain’t doing Black Lives Matter
Let it rip it sings like Mariah

Let it spark shine bright no Rihanna
And this b#tch you keep callin her bae
We mash it pass it send her to my maynee
Did a lot to go paid

Robbin sellin just to get me a plate
Did a lot to get paid
Had to rob for my jays
I was from runnin from jakes

Never did run from dem
Did a lot to get paid
Dat sh#t made me a name
Put my name on my chain

And VVS on my rings
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RIKO RDR Lyrics – Did a lot

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Release Year: 2023