Gachiboy – Ebhoni’s Interlude

Gachiboy Ebhoni’s Interlude

Gachiboy – Ebhoni’s Interlude Lyrics

Artist: Gachiboy
Song: Ebhoni’s Interlude

We can cruise round
On the town
If you love me
Then you’ll bring your tone down

Don’t got no rubber
Don’t got no rubber
But we still gone f#ck now
Love me forever

Love me forever
You’ll get a bust down
I can only
f#ck That b#tch

If she gone
Suck My Dick
Know I need a pre-nup
Can’t give trust out

And I’m digging down
Until she screaming out
Read between the lines
Yeah we doin’ lines

And she lookin’ fine
Don’t you worry now
She gone lick me down
Like my dick a McFlurry now

I won’t make that b#tch mine
No, No

I won’t make that b#tch minе
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Gachiboy Lyrics – Ebhoni’s Interlude

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Release Year: 2022