Danny Boy – Lost

Danny Boy Lost

Danny Boy – Lost Lyrics

Artist: Danny Boy
Song: Lost

Lost going through my sh#t
Feels like no one understand
Not even a little bit
Battling with my mind

Cause it’s my enemy
Racing against time
Cause I’m only getting older
Don’t you see [don’t you see

Being broke
But having big dreams
Is stressing me out
Like will I make it

Or should I find a
Different route [where are we going
Screaming my lungs out
The Only way

I find clarity now
Looking for love but I’m tapped out
b#tches just want something for the

But I want long term
I had one but I was young
f#cking other b#tches
While she held it down

Till she found Out [out
Now I’m lonely
Just a f#ckboy
With bad tendency

But I changed my ways
Working on myself
Was my great escape
Breaking hearts while

Mine was broken
Don’t love
Someone if it’s uncertain
We don’t really know someone till

Our pockets are hurting
Now while we on
The subject

The root of all evil
Have enough
Then you have the power to
Control people

They get weird
For little bit of change
Cause you know
Money rules everything

Expect time time time
Time is what matters
We are all on the clock
Ticking away

Till the sand runs out
Like a hour glass
Times moves fast
Cradle to the grave

In a blink of an eye
Enjoy life
While you have it
In the moment

Just know that
Every moment
Is golden
Even the bad ones

Cause they teach you the lessons
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Danny Boy Lyrics – Lost

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Release Year: 1996