Slim Dusty – The Nature Of Man

Slim Dusty The Nature Of Man

Slim Dusty – The Nature Of Man Lyrics

Artist: Slim Dusty
Song: The Nature Of Man

This world could be filled with success for us all
As the wonders of science expand
But instead there is greed and destruction today
And the cause is the nature of man

This old Mother Earth supplies so many needs
As the great human family expands
Then why should gods children be troubled with fear
Again, it’s the nature of man

Now the small businessman is friendly by far
Then the big boss with mansions so grand
More friendship you’ll meet from the man on the street
It’s the sad mixed up nature of man

This world could still be a far bettеr place
And the years could go pеacefully by
If we all tried to live by that great golden rule
Do unto others as you’d be done by

Now the moon and the sun and the seasons that run
And the rainfall that quenches the land
Are watched we are told by a heavenly soul
With powers we can’t understand

And they teach us to pray till that great judgment day
When our troubles on earth are no more
When the rich and their power shall fall from their tower
And be stood by the side of the poor

On that great judgment day when we’re called all the way
And the word of our saviour prevails
And when we are asked to tell of our past
That’s when so many stories will fail

For we all must account for our deeds on this earth
God knows every time we have sinned
Twill be the last trial and the great golden mile
For all faithful and God loving men
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Slim Dusty Lyrics – The Nature Of Man

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Slim Dusty - The Nature of Man