Crock Taylor – Glass On the Floor

Crock Taylor Glass On the Floor

Crock Taylor – Glass On the Floor Lyrics

Artist: Crock Taylor
Song: Glass On the Floor

Uh……what more could you ask for?
Rap songs, that’s mad strong, shatter the backboard
Leave glass on the floor…watch where you stepping now
Better get to stepping, never step in my direction clown

Cause I’m not a fan of the circus
They jump through hoops, just for loot, no matter what the worth is
Feels like I finally realized that this rap sh#t isn’t working
So what’s actually my purpose, on this earth’s flattened out surface?

I can’t quite wrap my head around it yet
But if you asked 10 years ago, I would’ve made a thousand bets
That I’m supposed to be an emcee, sh#t I’d be left with an
Astounding debt…But I always find a way to bounce with checks

Shoutout my n#gg#s, tryna make it out the ‘jects
Nothing wrong with public housing, I just know its pounds of stress
When you got a child and got to smile, no matter how you vexed
Roaches on the stove, like they about to chef…..yea, n#gg#

That’s why when you make it out, you bound to flex
And let them know you from the bottom, got through a lot of sh#t
“Crock just be too cocky sometimes”, nah B, I’m confident
All the time, your garbage rhymes are sorry, I’ll demolish them

Astonishing, send the man to Japan then
Harajuku scooping shoes, and handing over mad yen
Moving through Shibuya with the crew, that was my past tense
Pepper lunch and reckless stunts, is where my cash went

4 years, and all I saved was 2K
Literally 2 thousand dollars, just like that motherf#cking game
That me and Shanti used to body, but f#ck it, I gave it up
Now I play a bunch of Apex, when I’m on my gaming stuff

Had to change it up….I used to rage, like “f#ck!”
“How Howard draining Js, and Dame Lillard can’t make a dunk??”
Throw the controller out the frame, yo its game over
Can’t maintain sober, chain smoking strains, hold up

Roll up, get the flamethrower…
Make the doja hit my brain, like a train showed up
See all these black cats with gats, you won’t gain no luck
What the fuuuuuck….

Listen, the heavy metal king, swing big swords when pissed off
Big mobs, if sh#t get forced
Witness this swiss, just rip cross, shoutout my Army guys
But you knew I’m moving Navy, super wavy, always tired

But I try my best not to snooze much
And music won’t ever let me, cause too many dudes suck
Who’s up next, to get stepped on? Like track 8
On “Product of Payday”, with my n#gg# AK

I promise you maydays…trying to act hard
Hands balled, I’m mad strong, shatter your glass jaw
Leave glass on the floor…n#gg#
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Crock Taylor Lyrics – Glass On the Floor

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Release Year: 2022