Crock Taylor – All Black

Crock Taylor All Black

Crock Taylor – All Black Lyrics

Artist: Crock Taylor
Song: All Black

Smack him…let him know not to ever disrespect a legend
If he looking for action after that, then let the weapon shread him
Never let them catch you lacking
Thats a fact and a lesson, brethren…..

Wake up and thank the lord fi all mi blessings
Father God, you know seh all along, mi family stressing
But now me and my brothers run it up, my moms be spending
Likkle by likkle, gi har a money, mek she gwan collect it…

She always tried to teach me how to save, but I can’t take it to the grave
Ma, I want me some chains, been working like a slave
Need me some whips and a house, n#gg#
Have my masters, that’s the blueprints, I’ll come out richer

It’s twisted how the purple rain in my lungs, I make it hazy here
The things I’m saying, make a n#gg# think that slavery near
But that’s a sensitive subject, so now I’m off that
Crock be rocking that all black, MoneyPocket the ball cap

RichAndHumble the hoodie, I’m only sporting my dogs that…
Make the clothes and accessories, best believe, I am on that
I don’t give to the rich, sh#t is senseless, why not support black…
Businesses, spend my chips on my friends, my n#gg# that’s all facts

Now what you call that? A real n#gg#, yes indeed
Ain’t got to raise arms, still harming artists disrespectfully
Anytime I collect a beat, steady rhyming professionally
Many lines you can never see, very blind to my melodies

Get phenomenal cheddar, we always be on the money route
More deposits than withdrawals, put hundreds in, take twenties out
I get high, off the za, with the Lo, you know what the family ’bout
Bring grabba everywhere, even out to my granny house

Even when i’m at aunty Max, I burn it down like candle wax
‘Til I’m stuck, feeling handicapped, roll another one and relax
n#gg#s sus with they fanny packs, telling us how they handle gats
Give a f#ck ’bout your fancy rap, cause the struggle is where we at

But I don’t think they hear me black…they heard we black though
Half of you #ssh#l#s, trying to tackle rap from the backdoor
Pause, but we ain’t here to play with y’all n#gg#s
It ain’t nothing left to say to y’all n#gg#s, put on that all black

Put on that all black n#gg#
Shoutout my n#gg# Rah, go cop that RichAndHumble
Hoodie and hat you heard me
Shoutout my n#gg# Rick, get that MoneyPocket

My n#gg# Merrick City, Hustle Baby ENT
That Tahrell, get that cap…..
And rock that all black, n#gg#
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Crock Taylor Lyrics – All Black

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Release Year: 2022