BTB Savage – Scam Story

BTB Savage Scam Story

BTB Savage – Scam Story Lyrics

Artist: BTB Savage
Song: Scam Story

Welcome to bank of america
This call may be recorded
Your checking account available balance is
One million, four hundred eighty thousand, two hundred twenty-two dollars and sixty cents

Print me out some blank checks, then i get some bin numbers
Damn, i can’t stay off the road, been scammin’ hard for ten summers
The opps still ain’t came and dropped nothin’, they got some whack jumpers
Boy, we got real ‘za ‘bows over here, we got our trap jumpin’

Log onto versacheck, print me out somе bank numbers
Told her blow a bag in walmart, then cash out my giffiеs for me
Make her call the bank and change her voice ’cause she listen to me
Told her if she make the money clear, i’ma swipe her louis

Tried to lead the way for some n#gg#s, they ain’t listen to me
Made a sports bet for 10k just to scam my bookie
Back in high school, i scammed for fours while i’m playin’ hookie
And we bring sticks to the show every time they book me

I just sent a wire from korea straight to morgan chase
Damn, i need a sponsor, i just broke the bank at boa
Double vpn, my surfshark is hidin’ every play
Gotta switch my proxy every time i make another play

Thousand-dollar money orders, print ’em, sell ’em ándale
Taught her how to swipe, she just brought me back a ten a day
Fifty ‘bows of ‘za, you can smell it on the f#ckin’ plane
Strip club full of bad b#tches, gotta make it rain

n#gg#, we ain’t take no l’s together, i can’t say your name
Drop the guns and beat a n#gg# #ss like i’m major payne
50k in jewelry, but this sh#t ain’t come from johnny dang
He mad i got his b#tch on the road with ‘bows of mary jane

Chillin’, pullin’ fraud every day, i gotta stay high
Made my dark web vendor take a line, he gave me snitch vibes
Boy, you cannot hop in this car if you is not gon’ slide
7.62s for the opps, tryna flip they ride

n#gg#s fell off and went broke and i’m still outside
Twenty thousand dollars, you’ll see it every time i smile
Scammin’ boa, pulled out 30k and bust down
I ain’t use a gun to rob the bank, i just sent a wire
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BTB Savage Lyrics – Scam Story

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Release Year: 2022