BTB Savage – Wire Fraud 2

BTB Savage Wire Fraud 2

BTB Savage – Wire Fraud 2 Lyrics

Artist: BTB Savage
Song: Wire Fraud 2

He says it was New Year’s Eve when he got a text about possible fraud on a business banking card he had replaced the month before
Then, an alert someone set up online banking and wire transfer
It was me, I logged in, pulled that wire out right when you fell asleep
MSR with the black card, just dumped the CVV

Switch my proxy when I’m talkin’ to my hacker overseas
I got Escrow, I got CC’s
Log into my MetaMask, try to swipe some BNB
On vacation, seen the opps, tryna flip they Bnb

Pull up on Harabi, my Indian photoshop everything
When them phones clear, I’ma take ’em straight to Mei Ling
I’m tryna walk down, f#ck a drive-by
And it’s still f#ck the opps, send ’em up like high-fives

n#gg#s ask for loans ’cause they broke, n#gg#, not I
n#gg# close the blinds, shut the lights, this a swipe house
My unc’ can’t even trap here, I’m tryna swipe for large amounts
Was tryna make the league, seen them racks and took a different route

I was sixteen crackin’ cards at my mama house
She like, “Boy, what you doin’? You can get your #ss out”
Gave her #ss a dub, “Ma, you trippin’, this sh#t my house”
She looked down and looked at me, then I seen a big smile

And it’s switches for the opps, I’ll tear your sh#t down
Unemployment ended, grabbed them blanks and took a different route
I got n#gg#s mad as f#ck, I keep steppin’ out of bounds
He was thinkin’, “Why I got robbed?” ‘Cause you from out of town

I ain’t get the gold rope, every link is bust down
He thought I had a dub, f#cked around and pulled a fifty out
Told the grower f#ck the loads, just bring the exotics out
It feel just like I’m crackin’ cards, I make two racks off every pound

He think I’m finna split the drop, I gave his #ss the run-around
Send a b#tch to a freaky opp, then get the drop and gun him down
Damn, I feel like Andy Lee, I be puntin’ packs out
Late night on the dark web punchin’ BINs on Blackhawk

Build a CPN, I’m tryna swipe for me a Trackhawk
Swipe for an exotic rental, turn it to a blackout
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BTB Savage Lyrics – Wire Fraud 2

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Release Year: 2022