ZVCH – Element

ZVCH Element

ZVCH – Element Lyrics

Artist: ZVCH
Song: Element

Where did you learn what it means to reciprocate?
And how much can I be expected to tolerate?
So I started to think about the plans I made
The debt unpaid

And you just can’t call
A spade a spade
(Yeah, yeah) I mixed all that sh#t, it’s in my cup, it’s in my element
I got hella hella hoes that hit my phone that say I’m heaven sent

Well heaven said, “What’s heaven sent?”
‘Cause b#tch yo #ss ain’t relevant
You just wanna f#ck me and my gang ‘cause you see racks as hella rizz
Kick this b#tch out, we gon’ dust her

She so bad, she my lil sl#t
And my choppa trans, it’s always tucked
I rock V-Lone, I rock (?)
She number 2 so she (?)

My diamonds cold, they make me blush
And this b#tch gettin’ mad but (?)
Wow, b#tch wanna f#ck I’m like “wow”
Diamonds so (?)

And she wanna f#ck on my bro
No, woah
I f#ck on that b#tch and then go (?, woah)
I rock (?), swipe her left ‘cause I know that b#tch ain’t (?)

I see it’s my time to blow, I put that sh#t on G-O-D
Got hella hoes up on my phone, they all want pics of (?)
I see photos of this b#tch, say in her past life
She see diamonds bigger than the TV

She wan’ live this rad life
Now I got more racks than everybody, (?)
I don’t care ‘bout that sh#t, I like to throw it all
I got toolies tucked up in my pants, my overalls

Where did you learn what it means to reciprocate?
And how much-
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ZVCH Lyrics – Element

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Release Year: 2023