yuzuki – Blackberry Honey【Original Song】

yuzuki Blackberry Honey【Original Song】

yuzuki – Blackberry Honey【Original Song】 Lyrics

Artist: yuzuki
Song: Blackberry Honey【Original Song】

Once more, through the delicate scents
Our stems overlap, spiralling, burgeoning petals unbent
Oh Blackberry Honey, your drops seal our fates
Deep in yiur purity, love germinates

Lillies white fill my soul up with tender light
And roses, so red bloom therein with delight
Indigo violets, like moonbeams, so high
Ennoble and colour my sky

Forget-me-not, oh sweet starlight above
Carry my wishes, my dreams and my love
Past the gardens deep
And the Fox Glove’s reed

Till the hiddеn lotus you reach
Through afternoons and bright twilights
Our cadencе is like the fragrant jasmines embracing their light
The essence, the nectar that’s weaving our song

Guide my heart to the place I belong
Once more, through the echoing songs
Our flowers hold strong to the roots of this everlasting bond
Oh Blackberry Honey, your strands of pure gold

Make this love sweeter twenty thousandfold
Deep in your purity love we behold
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yuzuki Lyrics – Blackberry Honey【Original Song】

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Release Year: 2017