Young George – Decency

Young George Decency

Young George – Decency Lyrics

Artist: Young George
Song: Decency

3 AM though
You know

You’re that smudge on the paper
From an old eraser
You’re writer’s block
You always mess up the verse up

See there
I just did it again
It only happens with you
It never happens with them

It don’t get easier
But I’ll learn to
Slow things down
I’m vibrating at a whole new frequency

Been learning recently
To just try decency
See I think I was stretching myself
And wasn’t getting the best out myself

But enough about me
Are you happier now?
Please say that you are
Have you reached some dreams?

Are you sleeping well?
Do you have time to read?
You’re really someone special
All your quips and quirks

You’re a weirdo in a good way
So cute that it hurts
And I was a jerk
For how I had curved ya

Said I never listened
Now that was unheard of
I don’t know what’s worse
The lack of apologies or hearing this in a verse

But I don’t know hope you can forgive me?
Can I visit you in the city?
Things look so differently
Than they did then

Hindsight’s 20/20
It’s hard in the moment
Girl you’re so golden
Look at you glow

You were the reason
The sun chose to rose
And oh how poetic
Both beginning and the end is

Stupendous, tremendous, no I won’t forget this
Even when it was like pulling teeth – dentists
Whoever you end with
No resentment I’m just jealous

That’s it
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Young George Lyrics – Decency

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Release Year: 2017