Yellowbirddd – If you’re single

Yellowbirddd If you're single

Yellowbirddd – If you’re single Lyrics

Artist: Yellowbirddd
Song: If you’re single

This is not how i act
No strings attached
I’m not disconnected enough
For a random hook up

Cause this isn’t fair to either of us
Cause I’m still not over her
This isn’t fair to you or i
But that’s not what i’m going to whisper

Cause if you’re single
We can kiss
If you’re single
We’ll i’m sure there’s things you miss

But i’m not here for long
With my blank highway stare
I’m not here for long
So don’t think we’re going somewhere

Is that your bedroom door handle
Or my car window rolling down?
Is that your voice all in my ears
Or some pop song playing loud off in a club?

Where it’s too dark for love
Well darling i think this is dark enough
Well i guеss this is better for my arts and crafts
I guess it’s bеtter all along

She broke my heart into a million pieces
I’m going to turn them into songs
I guess this is better for my art my craft
I guess it’s better all along

She broke my heart into a million pieces
Now i’m singing you these songs
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Yellowbirddd Lyrics – If you’re single

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Release Year: 2011